Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trick or Treat Buckets - free pattern and tutorial

***The downloadable pattern for the treat bucket has been updated to include some small changes...I hope this works even better for everyone!***

I don't know about your kids, but mine have not quite mastered the whole trick or treating thing. They get nervous, don't ring the doorbell, can't remember what to say when someone actually opens the door, and of course NEVER remember to actually OPEN the bag/pillowcase they have with them. The end result is a struggle to open the flat bags and hold the door open with a costume on and usually the candy and chips end up on the ground....to get stepped on! :(

So, while I cannot fix all the things that go wrong, I figure I can sew up a treat bag that actually stays open and makes it easier for all those nice people to fill

I came up with the trick or treat bucket! yay
basically a round fabric bucket with a handle for easy carrying and even easier filling :)
I have included 3 sizes: Small (great for first timers that only get to a few houses), Medium and Large (great for older kids)
They are simple to make and perfect for embellishing with lots of spooky decorations.
***I will include a step by step post on how I embellished mine tomorrow***

Here is what you need to make a bucket of your own:

1/4- 1/3 yard of each:
 main outer fabric (I used linen for the large and small and canvas for the med.)
 lining fabric (I used a light quilting cotton)
 fusible fleece interfacing
webbing (or cording, or thick ribbon, or whatever you want) to make the handles

Assorted things for embellishment **more on that tomorrow**

Here is what you do:
 ****sew with a 1/2" seam allowance****
First, Print out the pattern here
You will need to assemble the pages. Cut out page 2 along the dotted lines in to 3 pieces (you will now have 4 pieces of paper) and tape them together like this

Now cut your pieces (3 of the bottom and 3 of the sides). Iron on your fusible fleece to the wrong side of your main fabric bottom and side

 Take your main side and embellish it how you like **more info on how I did that tomorrow**
make sure to stay within 1" of all the edges to leave room for sewing the bucket together

Once you are happy with all your decorations, fold the side in half and sew the short sides together creating a tube.

Take your bottom and fold in half marking the folded edges with  pins, fold again matching up the pins and mark the folded edges again....this will give you 4 equally spaced pins around the circle.

Do the same thing to the BOTTOM of your side/tube to get 4 equally spaced pins

Pin the bottom to the side with right side down, matching up the 4 pin marking first

Continue to pin together all around the bottom

Carefully sew the bottom to the sides, I like to do this with the bottom laying flat on my sewing machine and the tube standing straight up, I find it easier to make sure there are no wrinkles or puckering . SEW SLOWLY

Repeat this process with the lining  so you nave two bucket shapes

Take your main bucket, turned right side out, and lay the top edge flat. mark the two folded edges with pins (this will be your handle markings) If you are making the large size, I suggest making two handles, so make 4 equally spaced marks like you did along the bottom. If you are making the med size you can use either handle option depending on how heavy it will get :)

Cut your webbing (or what you are using for the handle) to the length you want - I used 15" for the small and med and 17" for the large. Pin it to the main bucket at the pin marks, being careful the handle is not twisted. Baste the handle to the bucket

Take your lining (with wrong side out) and slip it over the main bucket (with right side out) lining up along the top edge

Pin them together and sew along the top edge leaving a 3"-ish gap to turn the bucket through

Once the bucket is turned right side out, tuck the lining in and pin the gap closed. sew close to the top edge to close the gap and keep the lining neat

All done! now go fill it up with treats:)

Btw, These also make great stacking buckets....


  1. Thanks! This is great! Do you know the diameters of the circles when they are printed correctly? My rectangle piece was way too big and I'm not sure if it was my printer? Thanks again

  2. This is awesome. How do you think these would hold up without fusible fleece? I have lots of stabilizer but not fusible fleece. Hmm...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I just finished a medium sized one for my toddler. For the rectangle, I used Pellon 72F Peltex instead of fusible fleece and I feel that the rigid sides will make it easy for him to get into. Thanks so much for the tutorial! We can't wait to use it in a week!

  5. Thanks for posting this .. i love your post and i learnt alot from you .. once again thanks :) Sfr Mail


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