Monday, April 19, 2010

Pretty Princess Leggings Pattern - now available!

Our newest pattern is now available. The princess leggings pattern is available in 6m-6t, so now all your princess' will have the prettiest leggings in town!


  1. I just purchased the Pinafore pattern and love it! It will for sure be a summer wardrobe staple for my girls - I am eyeing this legging pattern as well as the hoodie pattern for future purchases!
    - blogged about the pinafore & pattern -

  2. I love everything you have! Just saving up to buy most of them if not all LOL
    I am interested to know how much you charge for the license, though I don't think my standard of sewing is anywhere near to that of selling it to people.... :O :D

  3. Hub and Bub - just contact me through etsy and i can send you all the licenseing info


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