Friday, May 21, 2010

Hampton Hat - Pattern Testers Needed! CLOSED -thank you

We Have all the testers now - Thank you!
Our new pattern is ready and needs your help!
The Hampton Hat is the essential modern little girls accessory! Fitted bucket-style that is fully lined and padded with fleece to give it a weighty and 'real hat' feel (not those thin cotton floppy hats)
We Will need 2 pattern testers for each size range 12m-2T
What you have to do:
1. intermediate to advanced sewing experience (nothing against newbies and not that this is a hard pattern to sew, i just need people who have used a lot of patterns before and know what makes sense :) )
2. Item to be finished in 1 Week or less of getting the pattern(this should only take you a couple hours anyway)
3. Check pdf for spelling mistakes or pattern labeling mistakes, or any other mistakes (...there are probably a lot :) )
4. Provide a good Picture of the finished product, preferably in action on a little one (Bonus **if it is a great picture and we use it on our website - you could get even more free patterns! yay)
....not too hard right?
what you need:
1/4 yard of lightweight to med. weight material for outer shell
1/4 yard of lightweight material for lining
1/4 of fusible fleece or heavy interfacing
matching thread, sewing machine (obviously!)
fabric flowers, crocheted flowers, feathers, buttons....or any other embellishment you would like
If you think you are up to being a tester for us - please comment below with the size you would like to test (although you will be getting the full pdf will all the sizes i want you only to test the one size) along with your contact info.
I will pick the testers on first come, first serve, so comment soon!

I will be in touch with the 'chosen ones' in a day or two with the pdf

good luck!


  1. ooh ooh oooh pick me pick me!
    *raises hand*

  2. I would love to give this a try. My daughter is in the 12M/2T range. Chosen or not, I will have to have this pattern! I love girls in hats and this one is just too cute to pass up!! :)

  3. This is adorable! I would totally TOTALLY love to try it out in 2T-3T.

    Thanks so much!

  4. Truly a darling little hat! Would love to test the patttern in the 4t/5t range!

  5. So cute! I would love to test any size you want. What a great design

  6. Very cute. I have three little girls, so I could test any of the sizes you need.

  7. ohhhhhh pick me please. i would love to test 2/3T. i love all your designs and this would be a wonderful addition to my daughters H&F closet.

    x K

  8. ooops forgot to leave my details...

  9. Hi, i'd love to test for you, 12-2T size I think although she does have a big head hee hee :)

  10. I'd love to test the 12m-2t size for my 1 year old daughter (I also have a son who is 3.5 years old that if you just need me to test size I can sew one for him) ;-)

    Either way it's a pretty hat!

    :-) Alison
    alreillygator AT yahoo DOT com

  11. I would LOVE to test the 4/5 for my daughter! but, based on all these comments, I'm sure I'm too late!! I just LOVE this hat and your patterns!

  12. I'd be available to test 4T/5T. I'd call myself advanced sewing level. I do alot of heirloom sewing. :) kira at branscum dot org

  13. What a cute hat! Although I'm fairly sure you would have your pattern testers now.... if not, i'd love to test the 12mt/2t size. :D


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