Friday, October 22, 2010

Buttons and Flowers

 We've added some new hairbands to our studio shop
 Made with Organic felt, lined with reclaimed vintage material, and embellished with upcycled buttons and felt flowers they are super cute and Eco-friendly!
 Wanna make some?
we are working on our first free tutorial for everyone to make thier own one of a kind hairband for your cutie!
Look for it soon :)


  1. how pretty I love the design!

  2. Geez, I'd make one for myself!

  3. So cute! I have a ton of buttons that would be perfect for these headbands. :0)

  4. Hi, I have just come across you, your blog, your shop and your absolutely fabulous patterns!!!!! I want every single one, they are all so gorgeous! I am going to start with a few and see how I go and them I am sure I will be back for more! Look forward to seeing what you are up to in the future x


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