Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fabric Shops We Love

We know all of you probably love fabric as much as we do, and we get tons of questions wanting to know where we get ours.
We do a lot of shopping around at warehouses here in Toronto and also love vintage shops for some great deals on different fabric. We may do a differnt post on the places we go around here, but for now, we will stick to the online world so everyone can this great stuff
we thought we would share some of our favorite online shops that we frequent because of the great selection and (the main reason) a great deal.
And if you love beautiful fabric, you will love it even more at a great price! :)

First off is  Bertie's Closet . This is an great store for a great price on Japanese Fabrics, including Kokka and Echino. They are by far the best price we've found on echino fabrics, but if you see something you like, buy it right away. They seem to only have small amounts of fabric available, and too many times we have lost out on some fabric because we waited too long!
This Kokka mushroom fabric is only $9.95 a yard (how great is that!)

We Love this echino print, it would work great for boys and girls, and would make a super cute backpack for a little one.
Another thing is how fast they ship! We are in canada and got our order in 5 days! they are consistently the fastest shipping store we have dealt with. yay

Next is one of our ALL TIME favourites. This shop is the best place for high quality fabric at wholesale prices! Fitallwhofitin 

 Japanese Cotton at $5.50 a yard! what!??

How cute is the cherry print! at they are having a sale right now, a WHOLE BOLT for only $25!!! that's 15 yards of beautiful fabric, you could sew a whole wardrobe for your little one. We bought this stuff and was not disappointed, it was really high quality fabric

We love this girly floral

This pintuck blouse was made using there high quality, great for kids linen blend

We made our winter wool coat with their fabric too!

Next is a great fabric shop with some really cute (can't find anywhere else) fabric. PattheCat , has the nicest fabric, and it's all her original design, so you can't get it any where else. Its on the pricier side, but well worth it in quality and cuteness!

Imagine your little one in a comfy yoga top with this as a lining in the hood! so cute

This little birdy print is perfect for spring

We just love this color combination

Last is our go-to store for kwaii fabrics and Japanese linens. Most of you probably know about this shop, but we though we would share anyway KindSupplier . This place has the best price on some really cute fabric. We don't often gravitate towards really cutesy, but they have some really fab finds here

5 yards of Japanese linen for $45.00, can't beat that

These are really fun prints, great for kids

This is the baby/toddler quilt we made with their fabric


  1. Always fun to find more fabrics to add to my stash

  2. Thanks so much! I also live in Canada- and have been trying to figure out where it was best to order from knowing it would likely have to be shipped up here from the US. Any suggestions on good stores in T.O. that I should visit?

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Where do you usually purchase your stretch wool?

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