Thursday, May 24, 2012

PATTERN TESTERS NEEDED - Urban Weekender Coat, unisex CLOSED - thank you

Our Urban weekender coat pattern is finally ready for testing!

We Will need 1 pattern tester for each size
we have all the testers now, thank you


What you have to do:

1. Have intermediate to advanced sewing experience (nothing against newbies and not that this is a hard pattern to sew, i just need people who have used a lot of patterns before and know what makes sense :)
2. Item to be finished in 1 Week or less of getting the pattern
3. Check pdf for spelling mistakes or pattern labeling mistakes, or any other mistakes (...there are probably a lot :) )
4. Provide a good Picture of the finished product, both of coat on its own and in action on a little one (Bonus **if it is a great picture and we use it on our website - you could get even more free patterns! yay)

....not too hard right?

what you need:

  1.5 - 2 yards of lightweight to med. weight material for outer shell (fabric that you can use an iron on)
1 - 1.5 yards of lightweight fabric for lining
seperating zipper (length varies depending on size)
2 buttons 1" or larger
matching thread, sewing machine (obviously!)

if you think you are up to being a tester - let me know by commenting below along with the size you would like to test and your contact info
i will email you the pdf file once all the testers have been chosen (you will receive the pdf file with all the sizes although i will only need you to test the one size you are picked for)
I will be picking on a first come first serve basis again - so comment soon

thanks again everyone!


  1. Hello - would love to test. I have a size 4 girl and size 3 boy. Happy to sew for either.
    Thanks, Nikki

  2. I could do a 5T girl or 3t boy. Thanks!

  3. I can do a 5T boy or 4T girl!

  4. I´m up for it! I can test sizes 2T, 4T or 5T (I have three kids)
    lainglesitablog (at)

  5. I would love to test either a 12M size or 5T.

    arpild (at) hotmail (dot) com

  6. Replies
    1. hi janice,
      i need your contact info - you can email me directly at if you don't feel comfortable posting it

  7. P.S. Fantastic pattern! I absolutely adore it!

  8. Hello! I could do a 4T girl, or a 2T boy. Love your patterns!

  9. Hi! I've been waiting for this pattern!!!
    I'd love to test it in sizes 2T or 5T (or both!!). Since english is not my mother tongue I think I could help in spotting difficult to understand sentences for non-habitual english speakers.

  10. Test please! I can do an 18 month size. Yay!
    Tamara.m.mcgee @
    Thank you!

  11. I can do either a 4T or 5T, both girls!

    rebekahricker (at) yahoo (dot) com

  12. I can do a 12 month girl test.


  13. I would love to test it if I am not too late! I have sewn your patterns before. Either a size 4 or 5 or 18 months, both girls.


    I live in New Zealand we are going into winter so would love a coat for my girls (or at least 1 of them!!)

  14. P.S: We have lots of autumn leaves at the moment so I could get some great action shots!!

  15. I can test 2t and 4t for girls and 12m for my little boy if you need any more help! chickadeechickadee at gmail dot com Thanks!!!

  16. Oh blast, I'm really late and can see you have lots of testers already... I'm not sure if M fits your 2T or 3T at this point. But I'd be happy to at least proofread the pattern for you if you'd like. (I'm local to you and a writer).

  17. Me encantaria hacerlo también a mis dos hijos de 3 años y 6 años!

    I love to do the same to my two children aged 3 years and 6 years!


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