Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kids Clothing Week - wrap up

This is my first time even attempting at participating in Kids clothing week. Usually I am way too busy, but most times I just completly miss it. I still was late to the game -prewashing fabric and printing patterns the first day (while most sesoned KCW-ers have this done earlier so the actual week is spent SEWING!) I guess I will have to remember that for next time ;)
I did manage to make an outfit for both my girls, even though more were planned.  (I actually made a few other things for new patterns that I can't share just yet- more to come on that)
I kept it simple. Serger friendly projects that they could get lots of wear out of , and that they needed.
I used the fab Bimaa pattern from LouBeeClothing.

I adjusted it slightly to make tunics, perfect for covering little bottoms and to wear with leggings. For the red bimaa, I used a med weight sweatshirt fabric that had lots of stretch but was really warm.
I lengthened the bodice by about 8" and extended the side out so the bottom hem was about 9". This gave the bottom of the tunic a little more room for moving/sitting/jumping and created a cute bubble effect that I love!. 

I also adjusted the hood, buy extending the front neckline out by 2". I sewed the hood, keeping the fronts seperate so they could overlap. I added the button hole and pinned the fronts together and then sewed the hood in the neckline.

Everthing else I kept the same and constructed as the pattern explained (really well done by the way!)
I love the end result and it is the perfect tunic for school and the colder weather.  It looks great paired with a super fun pair of Alice in wonderland leggings (self drafted pattern)

For the black bimma, I used a lighter black jersey and only lengthened it about 4", I kept the hood the same as in the pattern. I lined the hood and made leggings with a fun aztec print. Easy peasy....and comfy!


 two outfits done, many more to go for the winter wardrobes...what did you make for kcw?


  1. Love them! I've already sewn 6 Bimaa's, so I think it's safe to say I'm addicted! So fun to see your younger daughter too! Can't wait to see what other patterns you've been working on!

    1. such a great pattern! i loved seeing your versions too ;)

  2. Love this outfit! I have the pattern, but no time to use it yet:( I'm working on my jacket, (happy face) and it's coming along great! I'm taking my time so it will be perfect. I'll be done tomorrow:) again, great tunic!

  3. so cute!!! Can I ask where you find your great knits?

    1. thanks! most knits i find at my local fabric warehouse (it is a hunt, but sometimes you can get some great things) i don't purchase online too much, but sometimes from ixat (they have a big cartel shop) from japan have some great finds (like the allice in wonderland knit)

  4. Such a cool outfit. I love it too ;o)

  5. I have no idea how I missed this Christine! I am so sorry! They are both so, so awesome! I need to make a Bimaa dress, STAT! :D

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