Monday, April 28, 2014

Flip this pattern: Flip #1 (...a little late)

There have been a whole lotta sickies around here, so this post is coming waaaay later then is should! :)

I was hoping to join in the Flip this pattern series, much earlier in the month, and had quite a few versions in mind. But, because life happens, I ended up with only two flips to show. (flip #2 coming tomorrow)

Using the Colorblock dress as a starting point, I created a cute Easter dress for my oldest to wear

Using only the lining pieces from the original pattern, I redrafted the hem to be hi-low. I finished the hem with bias binding and I also put in a zipper rather then a button back closure

I used a really soft, yellow linen. I added some cascading rolled flowers made from strips of linen and embellished some with small pearls. The flowers twist all the way from the lower front to the middle back of the dress.

I think it turned out really cute, and I love the all the texture you get from the fraying linen.

I think this would look great as a simple flower girl dress, and by using the same fabric for both the dress and the flowers, it does not look too busy

Stay tuned for Flip #2 coming tomorrow.....


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