Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beaded Spider Headband - tutorial

These are the perfect little headbands for Halloween! Light weight and oh so spooky
 My girls love them.

 All you need is a few basic beading supplies to create these fun, sparkly headbands. You can make these spooky bugs as simple or elaborate as you like. The process is the same, but depending on what beads you use the final spiders can be dramatically different

 what you need:

What to do:

Take headpin and the two beads you are using for the body and head. Slip the beads on the headpin, starting with the smaller bead first. (you may need to add a smaller seed bead if the hole in your larger bead is too big and the headpin slips through)

using your pliers, make a loop with the excess headpin to hold the beads in place

cut 4 pieces of wire for the legs, I usually use 5"-6", but adjust according to the size of spider you are making. bend the wires in half

take the 4 bent wires and wrap them around the headpin between the two beads, wrap them a couple times to make sure they are secure

with the legs in an upward position separate the legs to add smaller beads

start adding the baguette and seed beads to create the legs, you can do this in whatever order you like, I like to use the baguette beads for the legs and the seed beads for the 'knees' and 'feet'.

When you get to the end, make sure the beads are tight together and form a loop at the bottom to hold the beads in place. cut off the excess wire.

do the same for all the legs and bend them into shape

Done! now attach your creepy crawley to a blank headband or hairclip with beading wire

and make a ton more......


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  1. Awesome! Must try this!
    Thanks for sharing :-) (and beautiful pictures, by the way.)


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