Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Elsa fold over pouch - LBG studio pattern

Continuing on with my Frozen inspired projects for the week, this one was one of the BIGGEST hits!
An ELSA HANDBAG!!!! (my daughter squealed for like 20min!)

I used the fold over pouch pattern by LBG studio, it is part of the Sew Fab bundle sale going on this week

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 Such a great, easy and FAST pattern! seriously I made two in under an hour! The fist one I made with a fun graphic floral print from Ikea and a faux gold leather.

 I didn't change any dimensions to the original pattern, except I did add some small tabs to either side to attach a shoulder strap. ( My little one tends to loose purses if they are not strapped on her) 

It is a really great size, not too big, but big enough to actually hold stuff

I used a vintage sheet for the lining, a fun print in navy, ivory and gold. I finished it off with a navy zipper to accent the lining

I liked this one so much, I decided to keep it for myself, so I had to make another one for my daughter.....and when I asked her what color she wanted it to be, her answer was..."Elsa"....go figure!

So I pulled an image from the web and using iron-on transfer paper, I printed and pressed it on to a white canvas fabric. I adjusted the size of the bag slightly to fit the 8 x 10 image.

I constructed it the same as before, and added the loops and strap. I used a blue floral quilting cotton for the lining.

For fun, I made up a quick little zipper charm with some beads and a snowflake charm (all 'borrowed' from one of my daughters beading kits)

I know there  will be many more of these - such a perfect birthday gift for all her friends! 

So what are you waiting for?? go get your Sew Fab Bundle and start sewing! there are SO MANY great patterns in this one

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Check back tomorrow for more Frozen Goodness

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  1. Love it! Do you have a tutorial on how you made the strap? I have some strappy purse patterns but not of them have the hardware and are much shorter

  2. I can defiantly work on one for you - It would not be ready for a couple weeks though, this week is crazy!

  3. What type/brand of transfer paper do you use? The quality of this image/transfer looks wonderful!

  4. Do you have a good tutorial for iron on paper? What brand did you use? Do you have to have a certain pixilation on the photo from the web? So you print it on the iron paper to canvas? Sorry I haven't worked with iron on before. My girls would love for me to create something similar. Do you have the direct link of the Elsa? And maybe a good one for Anna and Olaf?

    1. the paper is HP - i will try to find the image so i can link it (it is actually a screen saver image so the quality was pretty good to print on a 8.5x11 sized paper, if you google search your images with the size filter set to large, then all the images should print well for you. send me an email christine@heidiandfinn.com and i can send you more info :) thanks Nicole

    2. Thank you so much! I think his would be super sweet to make for my preschoolers graduation :) I'll be emailing about the mod for a small strap to fit my 4 yr old thanks for your inspiration. You're amazing and I. Excited to see your Norah!


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