Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Elsa top - cupcake top pattern

Since my daughter wants to wear nothing but an Elsa costume around the house, we are often fighting when it comes to getting dressed for school ("no you cannot wear this mostly sheer, about to rip, inappropriate for the weather costume to school")

But THIS top I am comfortable with her wearing outside, and to school :)

I used  the Cupcake top by Sewing Mama Raeanna to make this Elsa top, with only a few, very minor, adjustments
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It used a shiny light weight knit material for the white part of the shirt, and a stretch satin for the aqua part. I kept the back as is (in white) and cut a straight line accross the front pattern piece. I cut out the top in white and the bottom in aqua.

Before I put the top together and cut a rectangle, slightly larger the the aqua front, out of aqua sparkle chiffon for the 'cape'. I just folded under the top edge and top stitched it , gathering as I went,  right on the back in a straight line. 

 I constructed the top as directed and it came out great...and fast (only 1/2 a nap for both cutting and sewing)
A great little top for the Elsa princess in your life

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And of course, the obligatory collage of Elsa poses (while listening to the soundtrack) :)

Check back tomorrow for some more great projects made from the Sew Fab Bundle

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