Thursday, September 11, 2014

All You Need Jammies - Tester Roundup

It is Finally ready! The All You Need Jammies pattern. 

This pattern has been in the works for a while, and I am so happy that I am finally ready to share it with everyone! This will be the ONLY pajamas pattern you need (I hope :) )  It comes with really an endless variety of options. Long sleeve tee, short sleeve tee, gathered tee, nightgown, leggings, shorts, and lounge pants - everything you need for a complete all-season wardrobe full of pajamas!

AND...not just for jammies....use this pattern to make all kinds of basics (or more) for you child's everyday wear (tee shirts, long sleeve tees, leggings, play dresses, etc)
 Now.....check out what all the fabulous testers came up with.....I can't get over what a GREAT job they all did! :)

A BIG thank you again to all my testers, your creativity amazes me every time :)



  1. All these different choices, gorgeous results!

  2. Oh fab - I've got 5 granddaughter's and 5 grandsons so these patterns will suit everyone and I can see some girlie tops and dresses taking shape in my mind's eye! Thank you, brilliant job, congrats!

  3. wow - this pattern certainly covers it all! Great job! I was happy to see a new post with a new pattern - very exciting for those of us who love the Heidi and Finn style:)

  4. I know the pattern specifies knit but could one use flannel?


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