Monday, October 24, 2016

FREE Veritas cape 18" doll cape poncho pdf pattern

Heidiandfinn's newest release The Veritas Cape is now available in the shop. Available in sizes 12m thru to 14y, this will easily become a 3 season staple for you and your kiddos. For boys and girls, with endless options to make this your own, you will have lots of fun making this one

What better way to use up the scraps than making a matching Veritas cape for your doll!?! You don't need much fabric (about 1/3 yard depending on the width and print) and a coupe of buttons, to make this adorable 18" doll cape (perfect for small baby dolls and stuffed animals too ;) ) Make sure to use fabric with stretch though as there is no back opening and it must stretch over the doll head. Sweatshirt fleece, french terry, interlock and fleece all work great.

Lets get started - Grab your fabric along with the printed pattern - you can download the pattern here
Assemble the pages as shown below and cut out your pieces

You only need to cut out the hood OR the cowl depending on the style you want

Mark the center of all the body pieces (top front , bottom front, top back and bottom back)
Start by laying the Front top and bottom open with right sides up, flip the top onto the bottom so right sides are facing each other and line up the center pins. pin the together along the rounded edge, sew/serge together along the rounded edge

Open up and press the seam well so the seam allowance is pointed towards the top neckline. Topstitch (optional) along the top edge of the seam
REPEAT this process with the back top and back bottom
Take your front and back pieces and lay down on top of each other with right sides facing each other and top shoulder edges lined up. Sew/serge together along the top shoulder edges
Open up the cape and you can serge or zigzag the entire outer edge of the cape - This is optional as this edge will be somewhat visible.
Fold under the entire edge towards the wrong side about 1/4" - Press well
Sew the folded edge down, set aside to make the cowl or hood
Take your cowl/hood and lay the lining and main on top of each other, lining up all the edges.

Sew along the top edge of the cowl or the inner rounded edge of the hood
Open up the cowl/hood, fold together so the seams match up, pin together if needed along the lining and main cowl/hood. 

Sew together from one end of the main all the way to the opposite end of the lining.
Turn right side out and mark the center front, center back and side centers with pins

Mark the center front and center back of your neckline with pins. Matching the pins mark the center sides of the neckline (these pins will not line up with the shoulder seams, but should be about 1" in towards the front neckline)
With the cape body wrong side out and the cowl/hood right side out, take your cowl/hood and slip it into the cape so the raw edge lines up the raw neckline. MAKE SURE the front side of both the body and cowl/hood are facing up so that you are pinning correctly.
Pin the cowl/hood to the neckline and sew/serge together - MAKE SURE to sew with a stretch stitch if you are using a sewing machine

Fold in half along the shoulder seams and create the sleeves by sewing on a small button through both layers on each side just above the curved seam

That's it! Now your doll is ready for Fall

Don't forget to grab your full copy of the veritas cape for your little one :)

Adult sizing coming soon too :) Follow us on facebook to keep up to date on new releases and tester info


Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Pattern DORSET dress tester roundup

New and just in time for fall and back to school
The DORSET dress
available in sizes 12m thru to 12y
The dorset dress is a simple, comfy and modern staple in any little girls’ closet.  This jumper style dress has been updated with clean modern lines, a slim a-line fit with an above the knee hem

Made with almost any woven materials or stable knits, this dress is incredibly easy to sew.

Flutter sleeves give this dress just the right amount of softness against the square neckline. The optional button tabs give some added detail to the front.

This pattern is ON SALE for another few days grab your copy now!!!

Check out all the amazing versions of the #dorsetdress that the testers came up with:
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