Friday, January 27, 2012

Fabric Headband Tutorial

Since we have had so many questions about how we make our fabric headbands, we thought we would show everyone how to make there own with this tutorial. These cute fabric headbands can be made a ton of different ways and with a ton of different fabric options. Be as simple or as creative as you want, the possibilities are really endless! 

First off, What you need:

Fabric - you don't need much, about 1/8th yard of each. I like to use two different kinds, one for the top and one for the bottom (lining), but you can use the same if you like. Almost any fabric will do, I prefer using a heavier fabric for the top such as felt, canvas, twill etc for a more structured finish and it is easier to embroider without using a hoop. Linen, Cotton, Flannel all work too. I have not tried a stretch fabric (a knit or a fleece), so I don't know how that will work.

Elastic - again, you don't need much, I use a strip cut to 5.5" long, but you can make it as big or small as you like by adjusting this length. I love to use FOE (fold over elastic) because it looks much nicer then regular elastic and it is really soft on little one's heads and fine hair. You can also find some great elastic trims meant for lingerie that look really nice as well.

Embellishments - I like to use small/med buttons, felt flowers/shapes, embroidery thread and needle, beads etc. anything goes as long as it is not too thick (or it will make turning the headband inside out a little tricky)

all the sewing stuff as usual - thread, scissors, sewing machine etc.

How To

Cut out the headband pattern from your fabric, 1 in the top fabric and 1 in your lining. You can use the pdf template here

 Layout your buttons/beads/felt shapes the way you want them look, making sure to leave about 1/2" of fabric along the edges for sewing

Sew them on

once you are done with the top, lay it down flat with the right side facing up, take your lining and lay on top of  it with the right side facing down. Pin in place if you like
Sew along the LONG sides with 1/4" seam allowance, to create a tube of fabric

Turn tube inside out, I like to use this tube turner thingy (sorry, i don't know what it is called :) )
I like to press the headband at this stage, but it depends on your material, if you used a thinner material you probably won't need to. If the side seams look a little bulky just press with a iron ON THE BACK LINING side so you don't melt your buttons or beads.

Topstitch / Sew Very close to the edge along both long sides. I like to use a zipper foot to get over any buttons that may be close to the edge. You can do this by hand with a thicker thread as well which would look great. 
take your ends and push them into the tube about 1/4-1/2". Insert one end of your elastic and sew along edge, do the same for the other side of the headband with the other side of the elastic strip.
And your done! yay
now to make 10 more.......:)

Here are some more ideas....remember to post your finished headbands in our flickr group

Sunday, January 15, 2012

some new stuff coming....

we just wanted to share some of the new stuff we are working on, we will hopefully be offering patterns for most of them.
all of the following pieces are available for purchase in our studio shop

our beige tea coat (pattern coming soon) - shown with coordinating  pintuck dress

Our snowflake cowl neck dress, it really is the comfiest dress, made with unbelievably soft viscose/cotton blend jersey - very limited quantities left
new for spring - pink layered dress - we were thinking about making a tutorial for this one if there is interest.....let us know
gold swing dress - perfect for dancing and swinging  - very light weight so great for all seasons

We found these great vintage belt buckles and thought they would look great on our simple grey bubble dress, just the perfect touch for a classic dress
the uptown hat  - two different versions (pattern coming soon)
lastly, our urban weekender coat - pattern is coming soon (this one has been taking some time) it is the perfect unisex spring/fall jacket with a large cowl neck and zipper front, fully lined too!

hope you like the new stuff, i know it's been a while but we hope to have the new patterns out in the next few weeks :)
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