Friday, December 11, 2009

New Stuff Coming

Stuff we have in the works

We are currently in the middle of a studio move - so our release of new pattern may take a little longer then usual :)
We have a few new patterns in the works and hope they can be released in the new year at the latest.
First we are working on the Uptown Jumper - a really cute an classic 'school girl' looking jumper with a dropped waistline and pleated skirt. It will also feature some cute details that will make it extra special and give it a more modern look.
Since we have had a HUGE amount of requests for more patterns that work for boys, we are working on a Modern Unisex Hoodie - this wont be the normal hoodie you find in the stores (you know the one with the middle zipper and the screen printed stuff on it). It will feature a asymmetrical button up front panel and clean lines. Perfect for any little kid with a bit more style :)
As always, we are still working on many boy patterns including a hooded vest and pocket cargo pants.
We would really love to hear from you about what you are looking for from boy patterns. ie. what styles, what can't you find in stores, what sizes etc.
Let us know
we will also be looking for pattern testers for these as we don't have any little boys of our own to test them on. So if you have a little guy let us know if you would be interested

Newest Pattern

We just released our newest pattern for the CHIC COCKTAIL SWING COAT! it has been doing really well, so Thank You! This is a really versitle little swing coat that is super feminine and perfect for your little princess. It features a wider boat neckline that sits more on the shoulders for a new take on the classic swing coat. It also has a gorgeous bowtie closure in the front. This coat could also be made a bit more simple for everyday wear by swaping the bow out for a simple button. We are really excited about this pattern and hope you all enjoy making it as much as we did!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Welcome to Heidi&Finn new blog
we are a little new to this, so bear with us :)
Since our mailing list is growing by the minute, and so many of our fabulous customers would like to be notified on new patterns - we thought this would be a great place for everyone to visit whenever they like to check out our new pattern, stuff we have in the works, free tutorials, and to answer any questions you may have.
We also plan on posting some giveaways and discount offers here in the new year as a thanks for all your fabulous support!
thank you so much
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