Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year...some store changes

Happy New Year!


2014 is starting out great, and we have a few changes that we would like to announce
We spent much of December asking our customers what changes they would like to see in our store...and we listened!

NEW - Licensing

We are happy to announce that we now support all small scale and handmade businesses  and no longer require a sellers license for items made with our patterns.
You are now welcome to sell any items you make from your Heidiandfinn patterns.  This is limited to the amount you can personally make, outsourcing and mass productions is still strictly prohibited.  We would appreciate that you credit Heidiandfinn as the designer of the pattern used in your listings/tags etc.
All our patterns are copyrighted to Heidiandfinn. It is illegal to share, trade, reproduce or sell any Heidiandfinn patterns. 

NEW – pricing
We are now offering discount bundle pricing for those who purchase the same design in both the smaller and larger size set.


We will now be offering an ongoing discount code on all purchases of 5 or more patterns. Use the coupon code SAVE25 to receive 25% off your order of 5 or more patterns purchased at the same time. 


More to come....

We are continuing to improve all our patterns, to increase our sizing and to include size charts and fabric suggestions in every pattern. While we do not have specific release dates for everything...keep watching for announcements when updates become available :)


  1. Great changes and I'm sure you had a lot of brainstorming and thinking to do before you could implement them. I hope your business continues to grow!

  2. These are great changes that address the reservations I had as a shopper! Thanks for such thoughtful changes!

  3. Fantastic Christine! I didn't realize you had so many patterns that went up to size 12... I must have bought the smaller sizes before, when my girls were a bit younger. Now that I have a tween, I'll have to get the larger sizes too! :-)


  4. Such great updates to the shop! Love the flexibility to sell items made with your patterns - thank you for your generosity in doing so!

  5. Thank you. Love that I can now offer your patterns in my boutique. Customers will love it too.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I don't have a small business but know many who do. This will be a huge help for many of them who love your patterns but couldn't justify paying for a license for the small number of items they sell. I expect to see many more items, made from your patterns, on the small business market.


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