Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentines' Sparkle Hearts - DIY tutorial headbands, brooches and more

I think these are my favorite little things to make! they are seriously addictive! These cute little puffy sparkle hearts are so fast and cute to make, try to make only one...go on..I dare you!

With just a small amount of felt, stuffing and some sequins and beads - you can make a ton of these to decorate almost anything

What you need:

Here's how:

Cut two of the same size hearts out of felt

take one heart and sew on sequins and beads, or just sequins (this is the top)

Take the other heart (this is the back) - if you are making a brooch, then sew the back pin on now

lay the top on the back (right sides out) and sew around the outside edge with embroidery thread, leaving a small gap. You can either sew with a straight stitch or a whip stitch

take a small amount of stuffing and put it in through the gap, you may need a pencil or knitting needle to help get the stuffing in. (I put enough stuffing in so they are slightly firm and hold their shape well)

Stitch the gap closed

All done! how cute is that!!??

You can add hair pins to the back with a glue gun, you can also hand stitch a thin loop of elastic to the back to make a cute hairband

My daughter made a bunch for her friends, so we bought some plain cards to make valentines. I punched some holes in the front of the card to put the pins/brooches and used some alphabet stamps to write a cute message

Make a whole bunch to fill up a bowl, or how cute would these be as a garland! Now go an make you some sparkle hearts!

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  1. Hi Heidi and Finn!! I really love these sparkle hearts!! Do you mind it if I shared this tutorial on my website diycraftjunkie.com?



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