Friday, January 24, 2014

Sequin heart elbow patch - tutorial

 How cute is this???
I was on the hunt looking for a cute somethin' special for my little girls to wear on Valentines, and found nothing ( that I would be comfortable with them wearing anyhow...:) )
I know they love sparkles, so I came up with this cute little elbow patch idea that works with any long sleeve pattern you have.

Perfect for Valentines day (or any day really...what doesn't look good with sparkly hearts?)
This works with any pattern, knits or wovens, and can actuallly be put anywhere on the shirt, not just the elbows as an embellishment. You could even add this to an already made shirt (although it would be tricky to add to the sleeve on a ready made garment) *** I have used my Sweetheart cardigan pattern...coming soon!)

What you need:

  • Sequins
  • Seed beads
  • thread
  • heart shape cut out of card stock/thick paper (any size you like, mine was 3" high)
  • small amount of interfacing
  • fabric for your garment, or a ready made piece of clothing 

Here is what I did:

take your sleeves and fold them in half length wise, press well to create a fold line. This is the center line to line up your heart. (I like to hem my sleeves first to get the placement right, but this depends on what you are making and your pattern's directions)

take your heart shape and place it just about half way up from the hem on the right side of you sleeve

make sure to center the hear along the center line you pressed to make sure it is even

trace you heart

if you are using a knit or thin fabric then you will want to iron on a small piece (slightly larger then your heart) of interfacing on the back

Tip - I like to take a scrap piece of felt and put my sequins and beads on it, keeps them from blowing/rolling away and makes them easy to pick up

Starting along the edge of the heart, pull your thread through the back of the sleeve, sew on a sequin from behind, add a seed bead to the thread, go back into the top of the sequin (skipping the bead) and go to the back of the sleeve. See how the seed bead holds the sequin in place without showing the thread? nice!
start again coming up just beside (about 1/4" or less) of the sequin you just sewed.

Continue going around the outside edge first, and keep going until you fill up the heart

now do the other side!
complete your garment as directed.

What a glam way to celebrate Valentines!

~ Christine


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